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About Us

Little Dove Pediatric Home Healthcare is a dedicated pediatric home healthcare organization in providing private duty nursing for medically fragile children living with their families at home, group homes, and foster homes. We are a full-service, pediatric home healthcare provider offering one-on-one professional nursing care, including 24 hrs / 7 days a week Quality Nursing care, Medical Case Management on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for children from birth till the age of 21 years of age, and beyond. Our pediatric medical professionals care for children with the following medical needs:


  • Trach care
  • Trach change
  • Trach suction
  • Ventilator Dependent individual
  • Congenital Birth Defects
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound care
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Pulse Oximeter Monitoring and Spot check
  • Apnea monitoring
  • Nebulizer/ Breathing Treatments
  • Enteral Therapy/ G- Button Feeding
  • G- Tube care
    • Spinal/ scoliosis care management
  • Spinal Cord Injury/ Traumatic Brain Injury Management
    • Upper extremity prosthetics
  • Respiratory conditions/ Respiratory care and Monitoring
  • Cardio-pulmonary conditions
  • Complications of prematurity
  • Other medically Dependent healthcare needs
    • Apnea monitoring
    • BiPAP therapy
    • CPAP therapy
    • Nebulizers Treatment
    • Oxygen therapy
    • IV/IM antibiotics
    • IV gamma globulin
    • Pain management
    • Total parenteral nutrition administration and preparations with medications (TPN)
    • Cranial helmets management
    • Halo orthoses management
    • Hip orthoses

Our nursing professionals support you as the primary caregiver and decision maker for your child. They promote family and client independence; oversee all aspects of your child’s care; and serve as a resource for other services your child may need, such as support groups, equipment supplies and other programs. LDPHH nurses also provide education to assist in the management of the medical needs of your child.

Intermittent nursing visits are based on medical necessity such as IV therapy, wound care, diagnosis teaching , medical equipment training and lab testing.

The attendant provide basic care for the client and performs many tasks of daily living to promote peace of mind and comfort for the client and family. The attendant reports to the RN case manager.

Attendance services include:

  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Protective supervision
  • Reports emergencies to the proper authorities (911) immediately
  • Reports Safety and Fire Hazards
  • Shopping and errands
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Assist supervisor in monitoring client psychosocial, mental and physical status and reports any client changes.
  • Attendants at LDPHH also foster a TEAM atmosphere and demosnstrate compassion, patience and kindness for their clients. They perform all duties in accordance with established agency poliacies and procedures at Little Dove Pediatric Home Health

Little Dove Pediatric Home Healthcare offers a full range of professional therapy services administered by licensed and certified speech language pathologists, occupational therapist, and physical therapist. Qualifying diagnosis include the following:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Articulation delay
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Autism
  • Bronchopulmonary disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cognition and memory deficits
  • Congenital birth defects
  • Developmental delay
  • Down syndrome
  • Hearing loss
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental retardation
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • PDD
  • ADHD
  • Premature birth
  • Seizures
  • Speech and Language delay
  • Spina bifida
  • Spinal cord or brain injury
  • Tracheostomy
  • Traumatic brain injury

At Little Dove Pediatric Home Healthcare “QUALITY CARE IS OUR STANDARD” Our Medical Professionals are dedicated to their Client, and we believe in one Client at a time to meet your individual needs.