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Our Mission

content imagesIt is our aim here at Little Dove Pediatric Home Health to provide compassionate, loving and skilled care for your child. We endeavor to take care of your little loved one like we care for our own.

We are a privately-owned Pediatric Skilled Private Duty Nursing Agency. We are guided by our strict moral and ethical standards in both our business and personal lives. We value your child’s well-being and it is our top priority, this is proven by our commitment to having open communication with our patients and their families and our prevailing need to hire only hard-working and compassionate employees in the field and office.

At Little Dove Pediatric Home Health, we are available 24 hours a day at any time of the week because we are aware that help and assistance may be needed at any time. A staffing coordinator is available around the clock to resolved any problems and will be always there to handle scheduling issues. We promote and encourage an environment of dedication and compassion in regards to providing our patients with their caregivers. We aim to make sure to let our patients and their families know that they are important and we are here for them 24/7.

The higher-ups here at Little Dove Pediatric Home Health recognize and acknowledges the fact that the agency’s success is dependent upon the combination of our high quality nurses and hard working office employees. We make sure to keep our employees happy by providing them with a workplace that is inspiring and welcoming. Staff members are encouraged to involve themselves in developmental activities and opportunities both professionally and personally in order to help balance their home and work lives.