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Our Nurses

Little Dove Pediatric Staff works hand in hand with the patient, their family, doctors, school and community as an active member of your care team to provide an excellent comprehensive plan of care. Our Nurses provides Quality and professional care that is Patient’s centered in the comfort and safety of the child’s home. Our home health care alleviates the stress of the clinic or hospital setting for your child.

Qualified pre-screened individuals with years of experience in pediatric care for the safety of clients and ensuring quality care is been delivered to our clients. Little Dove Pediatric Home Health care performs a thorough screening and verification on their staff before hiring. We Verify: License, CPR, Performance and 1 year previous clinical experience.


10 panel drug screen
Our Staff are tested on the following topics;
Quizzes including: patient’s rights, OSHA, HIPPA

  • Employee must score 100% and master this vital information before working in the field.
  • Every nurse must complete Pediatric examinations: 100 questions
  • 85% or better to continue through the employment process
  • Every nurse must complete

Trach/Vent/IV examination:

  • 85% or better to be considered for that acuity


The basic skills competency check-list includes:

  • Infection control/standard precautions
  • Display knowledge of plan of care
  • Documentation
  • Confidentiality

Our Nurses have shown Competency in the following Skills areas before coming in contact with any of our Patient :

  • G-button
    • Placement
    • Changing
    • Flushing
    • Cleaning
    • Feeding
    • Medication administration
  • G-Button feedings:
    • Pump
    • Bolus
  • Suctioning
  • Medication Administration including:
    • Nebulizer treatment and Oxygen therapy
  • Checking blood glucose
  • Intermittent in /out catherizations
  • Patient transfer
  • Personal hygiene care of patient
  • Use of Equipment
    • Oximeter MONITORING
    • Patient lift
    • Oxygen THERAPY
    • Glucometer
    • Feeding pump
    • Nebulizer
    • Suction machine


  • Ventilator Trouble shooting
  • Signs / Symptoms of Respiratory Distress
  • Respiratory care / intervention during Emergency
  • Ambu bagging
  • Different types of breathing and Interpretation of Abnormal Sounds upon Auscultation

Our Nursing Personnel must show Competency in this Advance skills competency check-list, which includes:

  • Tracheostomy skills
    • Airway management (including the importance of humidity)
    • Stoma care
    • Calling the physician
    • Daily maintenance
    • Trach change procedure
    • Manual ventilation
    • Suctioning
    • Emergency Decannulation response
  • Ventilator
    • Modes
    • Suction
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Responding to alarms
    • Nebulizer treatments
    • Sedation and comfort
  • Ostomy:
    • Anatomy and physiology of the GI
    • Tract
    • Skin care
    • Stoma care
    • Pouching
  • Intermittent Urinary catheterization
    • Aseptic Technique/ procedure
    • Contraindications and complications
  • Central lines
    • Understanding of the vascular system
    • Aseptic technique
    • Indications of inflammation, phlebitis or other complications
    • Care and maintenance
  • Ports
    • Accessing, Aseptic technique